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Alan and Jan 3462International Relationship and Business Coaches, Best Selling Authors, Enthusiastic, Playful Speakers, Jan H. Stringer and Alan Hickman; Founders of PerfectCustomers, Inc.

The Attracting Perfect Customers approach has gained an International reputation for helping people to learn the art of attracting relationships that would be described as a perfect fit.

Jan 3811Jan H. Stringer – Co-Founder and President of PerfectCustomers, Inc. Jan formed Perfect Customers after an extensive background in Corporate America in the area of Sales and Marketing ranging from Sales Executive to VP of Sales. Asked what her specialty is, Jan would say: “Being a Zen Master of Closing Sales.” Additionally, Jan has a Visionary perspective of what it takes to grow a business from taking an idea for a product and service all the way to the creation of a sustainable business doing what you love fulfilling on your purpose while making a profit. Author Global Best Seller Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity Jan started an evolution of businesses being created from the inside out.

She has worked with a global audience of entrepreneurs and companies to achieve more success using her proprietary methodology. Her legendary message was launched in the book Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity. Following her success, she and her husband Co-Authored a book that is known as a fresh angle for doing business in the new economy called BEE-ing Attraction: What Love Has To Do With Business and Marketing.

Additionally, she is the creator of the Attracting 5 New Customers in 5 Weeks program, The 28 Day Entrepreneurs Challenge, and the Perfect Customers Mastery training, for successful entrepreneurs who want more perfect customers and a deeper connection within themselves, and their business and a sales and marketing success tool to use with their clients. Alan became a partner in PerfectCustomers, Inc., after a series of synchronistic turns and opportunities.

Initially attracted to the Perfect Customers training programs and the Attracting Perfect Customers book, Alan proved that it worked in the real world of corporate sales and marketing. He applied the training in the company where he was Director of Sales and Marketing. His results were immediately noticed company-wide where he was able to decrease the cost per lead-to-closed sales ratio by 4 to 1. He made a career decision to join PerfectCustomers in 2004 and has been a major contributing partner since that time.

Alan 3553Alan is known as “The World’s Best Cheerleader”, Relationship Intuitive, and Catalyst for Spiritual Growth. He is a renaissance man with a varied experience; earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University, successfully selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door, a cash market oil broker in Houston, TX., a candidate for The United States Congress, studying the flora of the rain forest in Peru, and 30 years researching consciousness, and teaching meditation. In the Perfect Customers coaching and training programs, Alan is an example of how to be an elevated being. He is showing people how use the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process to go from, being ego based, survival oriented in their business, to being a higher consciousness, soul-based being, and that it is a constant, energetic check-in and process of mindfulness.

He says, “Our programs are more than ‘just another good business training’. We are going to personally evolve your consciousness to a higher level of functioning. It’s about personal evolution, which will be reflected in your professional experience.”

Certification seal -blue-100PerfectCustomers, Inc., programs include: 30-Minute Business Breakthrough Sessions, Speaking, Private and Group Coaching, VIP Strategy Sessions, On-line Study Programs, and The Strategic Attraction™ Certification and Training (SACAT) program. Fro more information go to: www.perfectcustomers.com

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