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The most perfect relationships are the ones that support you in expressing yourself as your own true authority in love.

Most people agree that looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right takes a lot of energy.

First, you must figure out where you are most likely to find the type of people you are interested in dating. Then you must spend more time and money experimenting with the right way to catch their attention. Once you’ve caught their attention, you must convince them that you are what they want.

So, when this prospective mate tells you that they are not completely satisfied with you—your qualities, your interests, your friends, your personality— you are more than willing to make compromises to satisfy them. Truth be known, you are simply too tired from the chase to put up a fight and go out and hunt down another prospective mate to replace this one.

There is a better way!

A ‘Perfect’ Relationship Supports You in Fulfilling Your Destiny in all areas of your life! It is the one that empowers you to be everything you are meant to be in this world and beyond.

  • If you are single, stop the dating merry-go-round and begin attracting your perfect mate.
  • If you are married, create an even more supportive and loving relationship to fulfill your relationship dreams and desires.

A time tested and proven approach for attracting relationships that are a perfect fit for you! We start by Identifying the types of relationships that are most important to you in your life. Examples of types of relationships you may want to attract are: dinner date, soul mate, husband, wife, or room mate.

What is the ‘COST’ of one less-than-perfect personal relationship?

If you have ever had even one unsatisfying personal relationship, or someone that you nicknamed the ‘relationship from hell’ …then you know how your energy can be consumed ‘trying’ to make it turn out differently. And in the process of attempting to change what will never be right, you lose your power, confidence and feel zapped inside.

Sound familiar?


1. Would you describe your current relationship as ‘perfect’ for you?
2. Is it your belief that you don’t know how to ‘market’ yourself in your relationship or in dating?
3. Have you ever said, “I’ don’t know how to meet interesting people”?
4. Where would you like an immediate shift in your relationship life?
5. Would you like to see an improvement in your romantic relationship?

Or, have you given up hope?
Your Perfect Mate Attraction Team,

Jan H. Stringer and Alan Hickman
Founders of PerfectCustomers, Inc.

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